Director, Global Coordination, REpowering Asia from Coal to Clean Energy Impact Initiative

TITLE: Director, Global Coordination, REpowering Asia from Coal to Clean Energy Impact Initiative

REPORTS TO: Solid Line to WWF-CN CEO with dotted line to WWF-UK & Climate & Energy Practice Leadership with three-way annual performance evaluation & objective setting.


WWF has recently launched a global initiative to phase-out coal from energy systems in accordance with science-based scenarios to achieve the Paris Agreement temperature goal of 1.5°C. The WWF Network Executive Team has approved an Impact Initiative: REpowering Asia from Coal to Clean Energy, as part of the Global Climate & Energy Practice (CEP). Over a five-year period, the initiative’s goal is to significantly reduce, and ultimately completely stop public finance for new coal and accelerate the shift towards renewables in Asia. The Initiative will be co-led by WWF-China and WWF-UK on behalf of the WWF Network under the guidance of WWF International Climate and Energy Practice. The purpose of this role is to lead and coordinate the implementation of this Initiative.

I. Major Functions

•  Lead and co-ordinate the implementation of the 5-year Initiative within WWF Network to reduce new coal power plant development in Asia — across all relevant offices (China, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philipines), and at the global level.

• Mobilize the human, technical and financial resources both within the WWF Network, and externally, to implement this initiative.

• Develop strong relationships with institutional donors for external fund-raising.

• Regularly organize and moderate the regional coordination meetings of the Initiative.

• Act as an ambassador for the Initiative to represent WWF in front of external actors and stakeholders in support of the Initiative on Coal.

• Support regional and international policy formulation, advocacy and engagement on renewable energy development and energy investment issues, internally as well as externally in various international policy fora;

• Support relevant country offices on national and local policy formulation and advocacy, related to the Initiative’s objectives.

• Coordinate with Finance Practice, Governance Practice and related Conservation Practices to deliver on the Initiative.

• Develop and nurture institutional relationships key to achieving the Initiative’s strategic goals including partnering closely with relevant international organizations and NGOs.


II. Major Responsibilities

• Prepare the content for & report periodically to the Steering Committee of the Initiative on implementation progress, major achievements & challenges.

• Assist WWF Offices (implementing and supporting offices) in delivering the Initiative’s Goals and Objectives; provide suggestions and support to help ensure country workplans delivered against Innitiative goals.

• Work closely with WWF offices (China, UK, South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Philipines) to ensure the cooperation and collective actions across the pilot countries.

• Work closely with the Climate & Energy Practice Core & Leadership Teams to identify & harness policy opportunities to scale actions at the international level.

• Map out related internal and external initiatives and projects under the umbrella of promoting renewable energy in South East Asia.

• Identify strategy gaps, implementation priorities and funding needs with the Impact Initiative Advisory Group.

• Manage a team of people in support of the overall implementation.

• Manage the Initiative coordination budget & ensure effective and strategic use of funds.

• Work with the communication manager to develop communication and campaign approaches as necessary to support the Initiative’s objectives.

• Ensure monitoring and evaluation of the impacts of the Initiative against agreed targets, and timely communication of results to internal and external stakeholders (including funders)

• Ensure strong external collaboration with NGOs, governments, and businesses.

• Provide Initiative


III. Working Relationships:



•  Solid Line to WWF-CN CEO with dotted line to WWF-UK & CEP Practice Leadership with three-way annual performance evaluation & objective setting.

•  Work closely with the Energy Transition Area of Collective Action & Innovation of CEP & its Convener to learn &share best practices & lessons learned from Initiative implementation.  Work closely with WWF International Climate& Energy Practice Leader and the team, as well as with relevant teams of WWF China and WWF UK

•  Work closely with and take advice from the Advisory Group of the Initiative to implement the project, and to identify and act upon emerging threats and opportunities.

•  Nurture and maintain positive relationships with relevant country Conservation Directors and staff with regard to implementation of the Innitiative within their countries

•  Nurture and maintain positive relationships with all relevant WWF network Communications and Fundraising & Development staff.

•  This role requires teamwork at all operational levels. The successful candidate is expected to work with others in team-spirit for the good of the organisation and towards meeting the conservation objectives.


• Work closely with implementing and donor partners (bilateral and multilateral), governmental and non-governmental representatives, as well as private sector representatives.

• Engage with donors in coordination and collaboration with the network, WWF International and NO/PO programme and fundraising divisions.




• Excellent knowledge of and commitment to climate change, renewable energy development, energy investment issues, and their global context.

• At least 10 years professional experience in a leadership role, with demonstrated success in managing multi-disciplinary teams and multiple donor budgets.

• An advanced degree or comparable experience in conservation, natural sciences, social sciences, economics and finance, international development, international policy or a relevant field is desirable.

• Excellent knowledge of the target countries and good relationship with NGOs especially those in the Asia region

• Experience with building strategical liances and partnerships with government, international organizations, and financial institutions to achieve common goals

• Excellent management, coordination, communicaiton and advocacy skills.

• Demonstrated success in raising and mobilising funding or working closely with fund-raisers in an area that relies heavily on securing external funding.

• Experience in leading global or otherwise geographically dispersed teams.

• Proven ability to work effectively in a complex organisation, with cross-cutting, multi-national, multi-disciplinary, teams.

• Experience working in the Asia a must. Preferably practical experience working with Climate and Energy NGOs in Asia.

• Excellent command of English and at least one Asian languages, preferably Chinese (written and oral).



· Please send your resume/CV no longer than 2 pages and a letter of intent in English) to:

· In the email, please indicate: (i)position title; (ii) salary expectation; (iii) location preference & alternative possibilities & (iv) A PDF attachment with intent letter & CV.